A good way of practising shooting is to shoot the ball against a wall, and then try to take the rebound and kick it again!


Let me show you how it works:


1- Find enough space to shoot training.


2- Do your warm-up and stretch.


3- In your training space, find somewhere to be the target of your shoot training. It's better if the this target is a wall or something that would allow the ball return to you, this way when you kick it for the first time, the ball will return allowing rebounds.


4- Start practising shooting with your best leg. Focus on the power of the shooting. It's essential in soccer to have an accurate and powerful shooting.


5- Kick the ball against your target with all of your strength, than when it returns, take the rebound and kick it again, take the next rebound and kick it straight away without trying to control it. Doing this you will be training the power of your shooting even when the ball doesn't arrive to you nicely, these will increase your shooting while the ball is still moving.


6- Do it with your best leg until you thing you've achieved a decent and powerful shooting.


7- Now comes the next step: ACCURANCY!


8- Set on your target a specific point. Try to shoot as close as you can from the point you've settled. When you take the rebound, do your best to hit the point, take all the rebounds without controlling the ball, kick it as it comes.


9- In the beginning it should be difficult, but after some weeks, you will see your development as your shoots will be more powerful and accurate.


10- What defines a good soccer player, is the ability to control the ball and shoot with both legs. Now, it's your turn. Let's do steps 5 to 9 again with your worst leg.


As you are developing your worst leg, don't forget to keep training your best one. You have reached professional level on shooting as soon as you are capable of shooting with both legs, equally powerful and accurate. If you did, CONGRATULATIONS! Keep training to maintain this skill on the top. Try to progress the other skills on this website and you will be getting there.

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