Training Schedule

In order to improve your abilities and skills, you will definitely need a training schedule. Establishing time and duration of your daily trainings will help you do follow it properly than just leaving your football practice for undetermined times according to your will. It needs discipline!!!

Apart from marking, all the other skills can be practised alone, YES, you don't need anyone else!

All you will need is a ball and plenty of space to run, shoot and cross. So, its never a good idea to train inside your house...breaking your mom's favourite lamp the smartest thing to do.


Use your yard, a park or maybe a garage (with no car inside, unless you want to get your parents really mad!).

Let's go to the training:

1- Train at least an hour and a half, five days a week. That's all you need! If you are able to do more, even better.

2- Do not forget to warm-up before your trainings. And stretch your muscles before you start training. Take this advice for life, never start a exercise or sport without stretching, this can avoid a strain to a muscle.

3- Use proper clothes. Never practice sports on jeans or other clothes that are not designed to allow body movement.

Below, you can find a suggested timetable to be followed during your 5 days of training:

First day -  45min - Passing /  45min - Crossing

Second day  - 45min - Shooting/ 45min - Marking

Third day - 45min - Passing/ 45min - Shooting 

Fourth day -  45min - Passing / 45min - Crossing                              

Fiveth day -    45min - Passing/ 45min - Marking                                       

As you could see, there isn't a specific time for goalkeeping as this ability should be trained just by those willing to try their luck on the goal. If you would like to do so. Click here to see how a goalkeeper is trained.

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